ATB Unleashed: Welcome to the new world of customer-obsessed CRM

It’s Monday morning. You’re an ATB Relationship Manager sitting down with Jennifer, a business banking customer, to discuss their situation and support them in achieving their goals. You each sit down with a fresh cup of coffee in front of you, log on to your desktop, sign-in to your account, open tab one, tab two, tab three … tab four.

As a business banking customer, Jennifer’s account is complex. She has various accounts and products. Her deposits are logged over here, her account activity records are over there... The only way to get a 50,000 foot view is to map it in your mind as you pull up her information in multiple systems, tabs and tools on your computer. You work for ATB because you believe in customer obsession: Jennifer’s success is your success. But trying to stay connected to her in a genuine manner while clicking between tools isn’t working. You’re frustrated. 

Unleashing Potential: On Both Sides of the Table:
As teams across Transformation have been challenging themselves to transform banking  through a customer-obsessed lens, we’ve learned that in order to be committed to our customers by building technology that serves them, we need to focus on technology that serves the people who serve our customers.

What our team members needed (and what our customers would benefit from) was a one-stop shop. A single platform where a customer’s various accounts, products, activity logs, goals, and progress could be visible and managed easily. With full visibility, ATB’ers can use their expertise where it matters most providing real-time support and guidance. This is where we unleash the potential of our financial advisors and customer relationship managers to be superhuman when it comes to helping Albertans. And that’s why we named the new platform ATB Unleashed.

It was immediately clear that deploying a new enterprise CRM tool wouldn’t provide the brave new world-esque solution we so direly needed. Our vision was too grand and so it was up to us to build it. 

You Can’t Boil an Ocean, So Where Do We Start?
Using agile methods to both shape the vision, validate and prioritize features, test MVPs and roll-out ATB Unleashed into the hands of team members across branches has been a massive undertaking.

To start, we analyzed and mapped the customer relationship management process and workflows, identified pain points and inefficiencies and highlighted imperfections. We also evaluated ATB’s own policies around customer data capture and sharing between business units and teams. Should any of them be revisited to allow for better alignment and efficiencies? Were there long standing policies that would have to remain as-is due to security and protection of customer data?

Once we covered the bases to define the sandbox we could develop within, we ran design sprints to confirm stakeholder goals and potential ideas, rapidly generate prototypes, and validate assumptions about the ideal user experience.

Based on the collaborative approach: the first MVP release of the ATB Unleashed platform made it easy to view customer profiles, search for info, and allow for quick, easy overdraft management. We also heard cries to make it mobile. Running back and forth to a desktop didn’t allow for the best experience. So we asked ourselves if ATB Unleashed enable relationship managers to sit down with a customer over a tablet and look at a dashboard together? Turns out the answer was yes.

Test, Track, Evolve.
The process remains agile and we’re ever-shifting ATB Unleashed based on feedback and user data to shape fixes and prioritize next features: 

Tracking usage: are team members using ATB Unleashed? Leveraging tracking tools we’re constantly reviewing adoption, flagging places along the user journey where team members stall or drop off.

Measuring sentiment: how do they feel about using ATB Unleashed? We prompt team members for feedback, but we also have conversations in person to gain insight and qualitative data to help shape the product.

Observation: we get developers out from behind screens and out to branches to see the environment, observe customer interactions and watch workflows.

The Larger Horizon.
Right now, ATB Unleashed is providing a simple yet insightful view of customer data, and supporting team member collaboration and information sharing across units. The full one-stop shop is coming. Up next is integration into lending services to allow for applications and approvals to be streamlined—all within one tool.

Data from every single touchpoint a customer has with ATB will be tracked and securely accessible in ATB Unleashed—helping provide better service, reduce redundancy and provide context and background to ATB team members so when they speak with a customer, they are armed with the right tools, the right information, and the most optimal processes to serve Albertans best. And to do all this, ATB team members need to be unleashed.

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