Shifting to Drive: Introducing Denise Man, ATB’S New Chief Technology Officer

‘Instead of being disrupted by someone else, how about we disrupt ourselves?” 

Three years ago, ATB leadership and board members asked that question. Fact was, technology was outpacing us. The robust way of working and building that we had been embedded into our operations and services over the past 81 years needed to evolve. Fast. 

That moment triggered ATB’s transformation journey. We committed to an accelerated approach with a three-year target rather than small incremental shifts over time. So we stood up an autonomous division (Transformation) and gave it a three year mission. Wellington Holbrook was handed the keys. 

We sailed into unchartered territory with Wellington at the helm as Chief Transformation Officer. Under his leadership Transformation discovered and built new philosophies, processes, teams and products that are now to be the foundation for ATB moving forward. The goal was to dramatically re-write ATB’s DNA to become a leader in technology development and data. To reimagine banking in 2020 and beyond.

In late October, Wellington formally announced he was ready to move on to his next adventure as we continue to embed the evidence and legacy of our transformation into the organization. The work inspired by Wellington’s vision will now provide the foundation for the future as the role of Chief Transformation Officer morphs to Chief Technology Officer. With that, Wellington is passing the keys to Denise Man who will be stepping into the role after leading the ATB Digital team for the past year.

From Three-Year Transformation to Ten-year Strategy.
As Chief Technology Officer, Denise will build on the work of Transformation to create and implement a ten-year technology strategy horizontally across all aspects of ATB. 

She brings with her a passion for investing in talent and elevating technology and engineering to be treated as a craft.  This mindset is something we believe Denise will infuse deeply into all technology team members at ATB as we embody a culture of engineering excellence. To achieve this, she believes the answer is by  investing in people and talent development; something we owe not only to ourselves in order to be industry leaders - but as we enter a global war on technology talent, it’s also something we owe to Alberta. We want to do our part to strengthen the talent pool in our province, and make Alberta a global technology hub to be reckoned with.
Since joining ATB to lead the Digital team in 2018, Denise has been thinking about  the central role of trust when it comes to technology and banking. From running our assets in a safe and reliable manner to  powering the bank by leveraging exponential technologies like artificial intelligence, how do we put trust and integrity at the core of everything we do? By embedding it into our operating and delivery models. 

Shift from “What’s possible?” to “Let’s build it.” 
alphaBeta has been the platform to examine and profile the ideas, processes, and products that have come as a result of the first three years of ATB’s transformation. Can leveraging machines help us serve humans better? We learned that yes, we can - with the right leadership, principles and amazing people working together as one team collectively focused on what matters most to ATB - Albertans. 

Now we embark on the path to build and scale. 

Follow us as we take the next steps to be more than a bank and unleash new possibilities for our customers.

ps: And to Wellington: you transformed all of us. Thank you.

We are ATB transformation - innovating at the forefront
of robotics, AI, blockchain and the future.