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What Alberta has to offer
Alberta is where you want to be
What else Alberta has to offer
We play hard in Alberta
You won't see people putting away their cycling gear come the first snowfall.Calgary's bike lanes mean you'll see hardcore cyclists on their daily commute or cruising down the Bow River bike trails 12 months a year.Not to mention picking up your buds after a day at the office for some twilight mountain biking in Kananaskis, or an early evening hike in the great Canadian Rockies.
There is innovation everywhere
There is some super cool stuff happening here that you won't want to miss out on. Google DeepMind has set up in Edmonton, Tech giants Benevity and RocketFuel Media are happy to call Calgary home, and there are massive innovation projects like Platform - a parkade and innovation space coming to Calgary's East Village
We're young and peppy
The average age of Calgarians is 36.4 — so whether you are celebrating your 30th birthday for the first time or the fourth time, you'll find your people here. And you won't be lacking for cool events to mingle at — we've got a killer cocktail scene, tech meetups day and night, and rocking festivals like Sled Island and Beakerhead.
Everything is cheaper here
Ever been shopping in Ontario or BC with an Albertan and seen their eyes pop after the GST+ HST has been added on the bill ? Yeahhhh, all we have is GST, so everything seems like a steal here.Oh, and no healthcare premiums.It's the little things.
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of robotics, AI, blockchain and the future.